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Good Insulation Provides Multiple Benefits

As the importance of energy conservation grows, the need for highly effective insulation materials also increases.

Expanded (EPS) or extruded (XPS) polystyrene insulation provides the long-term energy efficiency now demanded by the construction industry. Heating and cooling accounts for 50-70% of the energy costs for the average home. The stable thermal performance of these insulation materials can result in significantly lower heating and cooling costs - savings that really add up over the life of the structure. And their design flexibility means that their benefits can be used in every part of a building - from foundation, to walls, to roof. In addition to reducing energy costs, reducing energy use helps conserve non-renewable fuel supplies. And using more energy efficient materials and products in our construction, to decrease the use of fuel and energy, translates into reduced air pollution.

The energy used to produce polystyrene foam insulation for a typical house is regained after only one year through the energy saved. Over a 30-year lifespan this can add up to 40-60 times the energy used in production and a corresponding reduction of emissions of CO2 by 10-40 times that used in its production. Comparing different types of insulation material, EPS insulation has roughly half the economic and environmental cost of mineral wool.

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