Information on the Styrene Industry Worldwide

The international styrene industry is a diversified approximately € 66 billion / USD60 billion (annually) industry comprising thousands of companies, facilities, and employees throughout the world.

It provides essential raw materials and products for nearly all major European, American, and Asian industries, from automobiles and construction to electronics and packaging.

Manufacturers use styrene-based resins to produce a wide variety of everyday goods ranging from cups and utensils to furniture, bathroom, and kitchen appliances, hospital and school supplies, boats, sports and recreational equipment, consumer electronics, automobile parts, and durable lightweight packaging of all kinds.

Major styrene manufacturing regions in Europe include Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In Asia, principal styrene interests can be found in Japan, China, Korea, and Malaysia. Areas in the United States with significant styrene monomer or plastic resins production include California, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

The industry's more than 15,000 plants include manufacturers who produce or use:
polystyrene (PS)
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)
Styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN)
Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
Styrene-butadiene latex (SBL)
unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) (fibreglass resin)

The industry's annual payroll is approximately €9.9 billion (USD9 billion).

The industry contributes roughly €3.3 billion (USD3 billion) a year in taxes to national, regional, and local governments.

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