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Welcome to the Styrene Forum

Styrene is a basic building block for the manufacture of a broad range of materials used in thousands of products throughout the world.

Products made from styrene offer convenience, safety, value and high quality in your daily life.

These products range from packaging materials, such as the box that protects your CDs to food service items like the plastic yoghurt container that keeps your food fresh, to a myriad of consumer electronics, construction, transportation and medical applications.

The Styrene Forum has been developed as an international resource for current, accurate information on styrene and products made from styrene. In this site you will find basic answers to your questions about styrene, its uses and benefits as well as how styrene based products are tested and regulated.

The Styrene Forum also serves as a portal to connect you to related styrene sites world-wide, to serve those requiring more comprehensive information.

This site was created and is maintained by the International Styrene Industry Forum (ISIF). ISIF is an informal activity of trade associations representing styrene producers and users from Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and Canada.

Website last modified:26 March 2012
Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Korea Foam-Styrene Recycling Association
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Styrenics Steering
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